Thriftin’ Ain’t Easy

It was just about 5 months ago, to the day, when I loaded everything I owned in the back of Budget rental truck and started driving east. I had spent the 7 years prior in Seattle – building a life, going out with friends, working at my dream job, and feeling generally content with my day-to-day routine. The baristas at my neighborhood coffee shop knew me on a first-name basis, I had a handful of dive bars I frequented, my neighbors would invite me over for holidays and every Friday night I found myself filled with wonderment over what new surprise the city would have in store for me over the weekend. It was always something different; a festival, new restaurant, spontaneous road trip, obscure band playing at one of Seattle’s iconic live music venues, a random bar crawl through a neighborhood I rarely spent time in, etc.

Then it all ended. Abruptly. First, with a “restructuring of sorts” at work and then with the realization that, whether I liked it or not, my time in the Pacific Northwest was getting cut short.

I put my condo on the market because, without a job, I knew I couldn’t cover my (almost) $2,000 a month mortgage payment. It sold quickly (thank God) and when I hit I-90 East in late January I wasn’t sure what the next few months would have in store. I went back to my hometown of Wilmington, NC. I put my furniture in my mom and dad’s storage unit and lived out of a suitcase for a few weeks.

But by March I had landed a job in South Carolina and started with my new company on April 15th. So that’s how I got here.

My new place in Columbia is twice as big as what I had in Seattle which meant I had to go shopping and, in an ideal world, we’d all have an unlimited budget to do so…but in the real world it doesn’t work like that. So I started doing what I do best; hunting for those buried treasures, hidden gems and diamonds in the rough.

I’ve got a lot to show you, but for now, I’ll start with my bar cart/plant stand that’s really nothing more than a metal tool cart that most people use in their garage.

I got my tool cart at Old Mill Antique Mall in West Columbia but, if you can’t find one used, HERE is a good place to start. They’ve got ones (like below) starting at $39.99

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